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Greetings and welcome! So, you're probably wondering what on Earth this place is? Well, it's simple. This is a new sandbox project I (HexickHexick) have set up because it's not like there's already a bunch of sandboxes for the SCP Wiki already? A few questions you may be thinking along with my answers are as follows:

So, what can I do here?

Excellent question. Here you can create sandbox hubs, drafts, draft themes, WIP stuff, and pretty much anything you want as long as it isn't harmful, troll-ish, or goes against any rules. Remember, don't just spam pages because 1(it's annoying. and 2(I don't have a pro account at the moment so space is limited.

Why should I use this sandbox over the many many others that have been established in the past?

It's simple. Have you seen any other sandbox with a dark theme? But in all seriousness, you can create as many pages as you want (again, as long as it isn't spam) for whatever topic (as long as it doesn't violate any rules). Heck, make a podcast if you want, or even create pages completely unrelated to SCP. I don't care. Honestly, make what's essentially a YouTube channel if you wish to do so.

Am I eligible to join this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G™ site?

As long as you're at least 15 (please note that this is subject to change) and are not banned on the SCP Wiki you're free to join and do stuff.

So what next?

Go read the rules, submit your application, and write you silly goose.

With all that said, get out there and have F.U.N.

Oh, and also, just to specify, this isn't officially affiliated with the SCP Wiki. I'm just a writer on the site and this is not endorsed by the staff on-site in any way.

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