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Why, hello there fellow human! Greetings and welcome to yet another third-party sandbox for the SCP Wiki; run by the one, the only, near-invisible, HexickHexick. So, you're probably wondering, Hex, what is this place all about? Why shouldn't I just use the standard sandbox? Well, I'll tell you! First off, as far as I know, this is the only sandbox site currently in existence that has a DARK THEME. Yep, you heard me right fellow internet being. How to turn on 'Dark-mode'™ will be detailed later in this amazing document — and no, you don't have to import any nasty CSS code or anything. Additionally, I also have a new fancy method of getting all your favorite classic themes (including Sigma-9) — despite the base-theme for this site being a BHL variant.

With my cheap attention grab out of the way, let's go into some more detail. In doing so, I've compiled a sort of Q&A for the site to get some of the basic inquiries out of the way. Here we go:

So, what can I do here?

Excellent question! Here, you can create sandbox hubs, drafts, draft themes, WIP stuff, and pretty much anything you want as long as it isn't harmful, troll-ish, or goes against any rules. Remember, don't just spam pages because 1(it's annoying. and 2(I don't have a pro account at the moment, so space is limited. At the end of the day, be conscientious, and use common sense.

Why should I use this sandbox over the many, many others that have been established in the past?

Well, this site has overall many resources available; in addition to having a lot of stuff for the sake of convenience. This includes (but is not limited to), easy access to sandbox hubs, quick application of popular themes, and the ability to use a blank Wikidot formatted page if you want to really work from scratch with the platform; this is especially helpful when creating complex themes and applications. On another note, no other site has the option for a dark theme. ;)

Am I eligible to join this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G™ site?

Well, as long as you aren't currently banned from the SCP Wiki, and born prior to May 8th, 2005, you're good to go. However, if you do anything here that goes against the rules applied on the SCP Wiki,1 you will be immediately removed and reported to SCP Wiki Disc Staff if necessary.

What if I'm having problems?

Then, you can head over to the Bug Spray forum, ask, and I'll do what I can if it's not just Wikidot being Wikisnot.

How do I join?

Alright, head over to the join page and submit an application.

Preset Themes:

At this point, you've heard of the dark theme, presets, etc. Here are the things you'll need to include in your page url to get these benefits on a page of your choice.

Dark Theme:


Plain Black Highlighter:




The Classic 'Shiny' Theme:


Other Presets:

Secret Pages: pages that can only be seen by its creator and site admins:


Bootstraps: blank Wikidot format:


Collab Pages: a page used for collaborations. Note: anyone can edit these:


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