Jiwoahn III
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Researcher Martha Bradley sat at her desk and stared at the computer screen. A photograph of a subatomic particle stared back at her. Bradley's eyes followed the contour lines of the particle shaped intriguingly like a red compact pickup truck. This particle was somehow the building block of the entire universe; Bradley instinctively knew her body contained trillions of these tiny trucks.

The door to her office swung open, and fellow researcher Sungwon Yang walked in uninvited. His hair was frazzled and unwashed, a true sign of sleepless nights spent on research.

"Martha, Martha," Yang exclaimed with a mix of slight excitement and exhaustion. "There's something I want to tell you about 7626 that's been bugging me ever since I joined the project."

"Sungwon, I told you to knock first before coming in," Bradley responded.

Yang ignored her response. "Ok so, 7626 is a particle that's the result of a Mr. Rob Cliffend performing an experiment with his truck, right? His Ford Ranger?"

"Um, yeah, but-" Bradley attempted to say.

"Here's the thing that's been on my mind about all of this, about the particle, about the videos, about Cliffend," Yang continued. "The Ranger he was driving, the Ranger that's now everything, everywhere, all at once…"

Yang leaned closer to Bradley for her listening convenience. "His Ranger was never sold in Australia."

Bradley scooted rearwards to regain her personal space. "What.. what is that supposed to mean?"

"The truck in the camcorder videos that's now 7626, it's a model year 1989 to 1992 Ford Ranger, right?" Yang began. "But here's the thing. That model of Ranger was never sold as an ADM model; that stands for 'Australian Domestic Market'. So that means he had to have it imported from North America, where those Rangers were only sold. You're following all this, right?"

Bradley nodded her head in a feeble attempt to lie.

"Here's the thing though," Yang continued, having believed Bradley's nod. "Mr. Cliffend, he's kind of… a…"

"Bogan?" replied Bradley.

"No, I can't use words like that, it's not politically correct. I'd call him… more of a…"

"You can say 'bogan' here, no one's watching us." Bradley responded again.

Unbeknownst to the both of them, Bradley had lied again. The security cameras, standard in every researcher's office, were closely monitored by Site-48's Department of Security. A member of this department had taken notice at the two's conversation, and had elected to participate in a little eavesdropping.

"Um… alright." Yang answered apprehensively. "So Mr. Cliffend doesn't seem like the type of person to go out of his way to import a small American pickup truck, right? Cause then he'd have to pay tons of import taxes, and why go through such a hassle when there's other more accessible trucks to buy within Australia, such as a Holden ute or a Toyota Hilux? I knew I was missing a piece of the puzzle, so I took the initiative to search through Australian automotive import records between 1989 and 2013 looking for Cliffend's name. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it."

"Wait, you looked through over 20 years of Australian import records just to-"

"I have the clearance necessary to use the Foundation backdoor into any Australian government database."

"Sungwon, you used Foundation resources just to look into-"

"Why are you so upset over how I conduct my research, Martha? We get paid by the hour, after all."

"No, we don't?"

Yang scoffed, partially out of pride, partially over the horrid realization that he won't be compensated for spending his limited time on Earth hyperfocusing on Australian import records. "Well… my point is that I've come to the conclusion that Cliffend imported his truck, the one that's now 7626, while engaging in criminal tax evasion."

"And what does that have to do with figuring out how Cliffend glitched out of reality by driving backwards?" Bradley inquired.

"Well…" Yang responded in a flustered tone. "If he can dodge import taxes while also inventing faster-than-light travel, what else could he do? It's just something I-"

Suddenly, Yang froze in place, entering a deep thinking session. Bradley could almost hear the neurons in Yang's mind make the final connections necessary for his big breakthrough.

The security officer listening through the cameras waited in anticipation as well. Another higher-up had joined in on eavesdropping, ready to confront the two when they've reached the right conclusion.

"What if…" Yang began. "Mr. Cliffend isn't from our reality? What if… he's from another one, where that model of Ranger was actually sold in Australia? That would explain why we couldn't find his house or Youtube channel, because he originally existed in a different reality."

Bradley stared at Yang with a quizzical look on her face.

"When he no-clipped out of reality and became everywhere in the universe simultaneously, what if he was also going fast enough to travel between realities? What if… these other universes are also constructed of 7626 as well? Perhaps there are realities where 7626 doesn't exist?"

Yang took a moment to breathe as Bradley continued to silently stare.

"So you know how we have thirty-three Harold Holts in our custody, right?" Yang asked out of left field.

"Um… Sungwon?" Bradley began. "We actually have thirty-four Holts."

"These Holts, where do you suppose they came from? Most of them have never met each other until we brought them together, and only one Holt went swimming on that fateful day… unless…"

"Are you trying to say that the Holts teleported into our universe?" Bradley questioned.

"Yes! They're all from different realities, one Holt each. Somehow they made it into our reality, but they didn't notice so they can't tell us how. That does raise the question, why did they go to our universe?"

"What do the Holts have to do with the truck particle? Sure, they're both Australian in origin, but-"

"What if… our reality was structured in a way that it attracts anomalies from other realities? That would explain how thirty-three different immortal Holts made it here, why Cliffend's camera appeared in our reality instead of his own."

"Thirty-four Holts," Bradley corrected. "And are you trying to tell me that you're starting to believe in alternate realities because of some… what was it again?"

"Our universe is a sink that other universes use to dispose of their anomalous objects and phenomena," Yang pondered out loud. "That's why we keep discovering so many new skips every month; why we keep building more and more Foundation sites. If only we can figure out how Cliffend modified his truck to drive backwards at the speed of light, perhaps we could invent technology that lets us travel through dimensions? Then we can ask them to stop sending their anomalies to us."

"You think our universe is a trash can that takes in anomalies from everywhere else just because this bogan who invented no-clipping drives a truck built in America?"

"I told you already, Mr. Cliffend's Ranger wasn't sold in Australia, so therefore he's from an alternate reality where it was. His particle also became part of our reality because-"

"Because our reality was designated as a 'Dumping Ground for Anomalous Phenomena'," stated a voice from behind. Bradley and Yang turned to face Site Director Linda Lutz, who had been watching from the doorway. "Sorry, am I interrupting something?"

"Director Lutz," Yang sputtered. "I was trying to… um…"

"Many times I've wondered how my fellow personnel will arrive at the same conclusion on their own terms." Lutz began. "I did not have 'noticing a minor vehicular discrepancy' on that list."

"But what about the Holts?" Bradley inquried. "Couldn't any researcher realize that our… what was the term again?"

"Dumping Ground for Anomalous Phenomena," Lutz answered. "And you'd be surprised at how many scientists before you two never concluded that the Holts all came from different dimensions."

"How much do you know about… the…" Yang attempted to say.

"A few years ago, I got to go to a multi-universal meeting about distributing anomalous phenomena between universes," Lutz responded. "I actually met an alternate version of myself, she was a couple centimeters taller and had three college degrees instead of two, but she'd married a man with the last name 'Sausage'. I still pity her to this day. 'Linda Olivia Sausage' doesn't have a good ring to it, does it?"

The two researchers exchanged glances.

"Anyway, during that meeting, the O5 councilmember I went with volunteered to take in large amounts of SCP anomalies, including the Holts, to relieve the burdens of other universes. There's a quota the Multi-Universal Council set to ensure that each member has a roughly equal amount of anomalous phenomena."

Bradley raised her hand slightly. "Director, are you allowed to tell us this stuff?"

"Don't worry about that," Lutz answered as she pointed at Bradley. "You're getting amnestized after this anyway."

Lutz turned to face a slightly panicking Yang. "Not you though. In fact, I'd like to offer you a spot in our Site's Extra-Dimensional Liaison team, at least for the purposes of 7626 research."

Yang calmed down slightly. "Re… really?"

"There's been

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