Eslakia and the Clockwork Beast

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Eslakia and the Clockwork Beast

In the far off land of Aguthen
There lived a lass named Eslakia
A woman of little sin
Tending fields and cutting straw

A Karcist master she did serve
Tending to them so wonderfully
Listened to them with much verve
To her orders, she did so masterfully

One faithful morning, as the rain did fall
The Karcist called to the girl:
"My dearest Eslakia hear my call
A message you must deliver to old Saylmirl."

"By suns rest, I will be upon their gates."
Eslakia heroically did exclaim
Scroll in hand, her longest journey awaits
For her master, she would bring no shame

Along the twisted roads, Eslakia did walk
A mind steadfast and focused
When she met one who wished to talk
When the fog was thickest

"Good evening young one"
Their words were filled with a horrid rust
"Where do you travel, with your back to the sun?"
Something Eslakia dared not to trust

"I travel through Aguthen
With a message fathfully in my hand
To deliver it safely for my kin."
She replied with words well planned

"I see," the creature cunningly said
'A child of the flesh!' they had thought
As hateful thoughts filled their head
'I shall assure their journey's fulfilled for naught!'

The clockwork beast with the name of Xalia
With vicious speed, they had reached the Karcist's door
A great force that made the Karcist withdraw
As the beast knocked it to the floor

"Master of the flesh!" the beast scornfully yelled
With a dagger gripped within its hand
"I say to you, our glory will be upheld,
I will cleanse you from this land!"

Saylmirl drew their sword
As Xalia yelled a horrid cry
When the two lunged forward
This would be the day one would die

The Karcist let out a gasp
As the knife pierced their chest
At its arms, Saylmirl did grasp
As they were put to rest

Eslakia continued bravely on her trek
Though her feet, bloodied, did ache
And a crick ran through her neck
She dared not let her resolve to shake

The rain falling ever harder
As she stood at the gate
To witness a brutal murder
"This cannot be her fate"

"How dare you!" Eslakia cried
The beast rearing its ugly head
Its sword clattered as it and the ground collide
Eslakia had frozen, her heart filled with dread

"I will not let this stand
You devilish thing" Eslakia said
"Foul beast, you shall die by my hand
For Saylmirl, I shall have your head!"

Eslakia drew her sword
As Xalia drew another in return
As the two lunged forward
For bloodshed, they did yearn

Their blades connect
Sparks explode into the air
Swiftly her blade did redirect
Through its body the sword dit tear

Xalia stumbled backward
Coughing up its blackest tar
It's death all but assured
Their body filled with sparks and char

With that "Know that I will have no mercy on your soul
And may your body fill with rust
As you pay for the life you stole"
Eslakia allowed her sword one last thrust

"Saylmirl" Elakia ever so gently Eslakia sobbed
Falling breathlessly to her knees
"Your beauty tarnished, your life has been robbed
Oh dear Saylmirl, hear me please"

"Take my blood in exchange hers
My life for this fairest Saylmirl
Allow me to look at her from beyond these stars
And allow my life to spill across this marl

"Allow the many to prosper
and allow me to perish in their stead"
Deep inside Eslakia, her soul did stir
Her words echoed through her head

With the chilling grip of death
Her prayer ended with her tears
As Eslakia took her final breath
She knew they would live on for many years.

With thanks to Metaphysician, Roundabouts, Thanatian, KiranWells, and Hamiltoe.

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