Hi, so in relation to MAST, the main reason I believe I should be promoted to OS is due to the amount of experience I’ve developed throughout my time on the team. Firstly, regarding my time on the tagging section: I’ve grown a far better understanding of how the tagging system works, and what tags go on what types of articles when I’m going through with tagging newer articles.

Furthermore, I’m always remaining vigilant for instances of improper tagging so that I may take immediate action in resolving the issue via clearing the offending tags, PMing the user who applied said tags, and logging it in the report list that Nagiros has set up.

In addition, one reason that myself being elevated to Operational Staff would significantly help me on the team is in relation to my desire to help out more with deletions. I’m very active in sending articles that have fallen into the various stages of our deletion process to the reserved channel so it can be handled properly, but can usually take some time when the people on that division of MAST are busy.

So in essence, becoming OS would help me with this in being able to then officially join the aforementioned section of MAST, wherein, I would be able to apply the in-deletion tag and timer to eligible articles. I believe that this would vastly speed up the process since I’m constantly looking at the Newly Created Pages list and the Lowest Rated Pages list which results in me being one of the first people to spot articles that have fallen into deletion range.

Moving on, another reason for why I believe I’d be a good fit for promotion is that throughout my overall time on staff as JS, I’ve grown a significant understanding of how the site works in regards to its stances on certain topics, rules, and general policy which becomes apparent in my constant presence in #site17 where I answer questions, concerns, and generally help anyone when possible; forwarding issues to higher-ranking members of staff when an issue supersedes my powers as JS.

Going further into things that don’t relate to MAST, but staff as a whole, since August (although I’ve only recently officially joined the team), I’ve been working on the Licensing Team on documenting the license data on the vast amount of articles using images and other assorted media (instance one: http://topia.wikidot.com/collab:castrated-replaced-scps-series-4); subsequently resulting in me gaining a greater understanding on the CC BY-SA 3.0 license and other affiliated agreements which led to me officially joining the team about a month ago.

Now, I currently answer licensing questions in #site34 and am currently going through a bunch of _cc articles to add the license box that CityToast developed in an effort to better keep track of attribution information in the large number of articles throughout the Wiki with my colleagues on the aforementioned staff team.

Now, regarding my presence on the Community Outreach Team, throughout my time since initially joining the team, I’ve spent my time being active in the Introduction Forum — welcoming new users to the site and providing them with resources and so on. In addition to this, I also helped out with sorting the data retrieved from the 2019 Community Survey (http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/2019-survey-results) which I hope to do again in future iterations therein.

Other Staff Work/O5/Comments:


Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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