Maybe Sometimes It's Best to Forget.

Author Note: This story is meant to be a more interesting and compelling retelling of a similar experience nah now that I think about it the original story is pretty shit. Make shit up gamer. and should follow the outline below

  • Author is a young kid, their friend is staying over, and they are both up later than they should be.
  • They are doing something. Anything, what we were really doing would make the story sound less spooky.
  • Whatever they are doing the friend is preoccupied, the MC turns around, noticing a ghostly figure.
  • MC turns away, try's to grab friends' attention, they both turn back, nothing is there.
  • MC can remember everything about the ghost, everything but its face.

Spooky, ain't it?

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Badnight 02/05/2021 (Friday) 18:25:45 #37562518

I still remember my first encounter with the paranormal.

I was young, nine, maybe ten years old when my friend was staying over, the only one that had stayed after my birthday, the events of which have long been lost from my memory. The old family TV buzzed, the sound of the controller buttons clacking filled the room, my heart pounded, the thought of waking my parents filled me with that childish dread but the sound of the game, the sound of our stifled giggles won over that fear. And then I heard the floorboard creak.

I froze, [more text here]

Badnight 02/05/2021 (Friday) 18:27:23 #37562519

God, I remember everything, the event persists so clearly in my mind even after all these years. I remember her, her white dress flowing so elegantly, her hair glowing that otherworldly blonde, her radiating elegance. It frustrates me to no end knowing that I remember every. last. detail.

But no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to remember her face.

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